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Our Portfolio

Over the years we have had the privilege to work with many great businesses and people. Here are just a few case studies of what we have done for past clients.

Web site localization: www.dwarkadhish.org

The organization that manages the Dwarkadhish temple of holy Hindu pilgrimage Dwarka, wanted their Website with multiple language localization. So, they turned to Gurjari.net Language Services for help. With the help of experts, we developed and localized an English version of their site. For more detailed information,
visit http://gujarati.dwarkadhish.org.

Online media publication: www.gujarati.net

When it was launched in 1999, this portal was merely an image-based portal due to technical limitations of the time. Although there was a good amount of content on the site, there was no internal search facility or any listing ability to most search engines. To solve the problem, we utilized the Unicode (UTF-08) Application. In addition, we designed a back-end system to automate the process flow as much as possible. Recently, we launched a newer Unicode version of the portal at

Gujarati radio jingle: www.cleaningmaster.co.in

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Gujarati press releases

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Database application: www.gujaratikosh.com

Developed nearly 60 years ago, Bhagwat Go Mandal is the most complete Gujarati Encyclopedia. However, for the past five years it has been out of print and the publishers wanted it available in Unicode format. This project included the mammoth task of digitizing nearly 10,000 printed pages and storing them in a database. Subsequently, this data needed to be integrated with the front end to make it available online without compromising the security of the data or the authenticity of the content. Gurjari.net Language Services was brought on as consultants and developed an application based on the Mysql database. The project is expected to be online by April 2008.

Gujarati VB Application

In addition to our other work on Bhagwat Go Mandal, the publishers also required a desktop application that would aid them with distributing and tracking outsourced jobs, track proof checking and additional work allocation, calculate compensation based on the system design and place the output of the data entry in the Mysql database. Our team helped solve the problem by providing the client with a 100% customized turn-key solution. The desktop application was designed on the Visual Basic platform and its integration with the Mysql database has been provided as part of the solution.




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